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"Please thank Dr. Sellar again for me. I am so grateful to him. I have had this pain every day for 5 years. Dr. Saggiotes fixed it just before I had a horrible car crash on May 10th. It sent the pain in my back to where it had been. The last few days have been excruciating. I have PTSD and severe anxiety and this has brought all of it back again. The last month has been the worst of my life. I cannot thank Dr. Sellar enough. God bless him." Noelle, June, 19, 2019

"I have travelled all over the world before retiring from the US ARMY. I have been to many chiropractor’s throughout my travels and have never met any doctor with the social skills and making you feel comfortable as much as Dr. Sellar. The reason I mention this is that you need to be fully relaxed to receive the proper adjustment."

"I have never had any chiropractor that is willing to adjust extremities. This is a very much needed adjustment throughout the year regardless of your occupation or how athletic you are. I was amazed how my knees would feel and move freely after his adjustment. I wish all chiropractors had the skill level of Dr. Sellar."

"I recommend Dr. Sellar regardless how long you have been going to another chiropractor. The drive into Concord is very worthwhile to have the Best of the Best to be your chiropractor. I strongly suggest you to make an appointment with Dr. Sellar for an adjustment. You will never make another appointment at your current chiropractor's office." Tom C., October 2018

"I just wanted to leave a comment for Dr. Sellar. I had my appointment on Friday at 4:15PM. Immediately after being worked on I felt relief from a constant nagging pain in my right shoulder I have had for years. When I got home my shoulder was a bit sore but as to be expected. I went to bed and had the first pain free night sleeping I've had in years. I got up and realized something was missing... my constant nagging low level pain. This morning I was able to walk on the treadmill far longer than I usually do with no pain. I was able to sit at the computer and work without pain. I ironed without pain. I pray this continues and I look forward to my next appointment on next Friday. Thank you!" Debra C., October 2018

"I consider myself so lucky to have found such a unbelievable Chiropractor. I went to one for 30 years in Florida who was very good. I had a concern who to go to when I moved to New Hampshire. Finding John Sellar was like a miracle and I was astonished at the results I have had with him. I have been told twice in my life I would either be on crutches or I would need to stop working. Well guess what? With Dr Sellar's I just keep going and now at age 65 doing 45 minutes on the Stairmaster and pumping iron still ... Thank you John" Karl S., December 2017

 "I have dealt with chronic headaches for several years. I have seen various specialists, taken my over the counter remedies as well as prescriptions. Nothing helped. I used Chiropractic as a last resort. It has brought such relief to my daily routine and, more days then not, headache free. I can finally have quality of life." Deborah P., March 2017

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 "I've been fortunate to have had chiropractic in my life since I was 6 months of age, and am rather picky. Dr. John Sellar resolved a long standing neck issue (from a car accident when I was 15 that had my face crack the windshield) that complicated migraines for 18 years. Haven't had another one requiring medication since 2001 .. wooHOO . Excels at his manipulations and reading (as well as taking) x-rays too." Melanie B., February 2017

 "When I made my first appointment to see Dr. Sellar I was extremely nervous. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had heard mixed reviews about the style of treatment. I decided that I couldn't deal with the pain I was experiencing any longer and I'd give it a try for myself. I work in Concord so I started Googling "Chiropractors in Concord”. Dr. Sellar was one of many chiropractors I found and the selling point for me was that he had been voted “Best of the Best” chiropractors in Concord for over 10 years. Clearly he couldn't be a bad guy with that kind of standing! The day of my first visit arrived and I was beyond nervous. I honestly contemplated taking an anti anxiety medicine to settle myself down. The friendly office staff welcomed me and was extremely helpful in showing me the ropes of what to do when I arrive in the future and making sure that all the paperwork was filled out properly. When Dr. Sellar called me into his office his cheery personality started to calm me instantly. I explained that it was my first time and I was really nervous. He took the time to explain everything to me in terms that I could understand and made sure I felt comfortable before getting on the adjusting table. He talked to me through every step and made me feel like I was his only patient for the day. I left there feeling better than I did when I walked through the door and was eager to schedule my next appointment! I had my second appointment today and it was another wonderful experience. I definitely recommend Dr. Sellar and look forward to continuing to receive chiropractic services from him!” June 2016

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“I dealt with pain for years, going to doctors, taking prescribed medications, feeling poorly day after day until I finally visited Dr. Sellar and after the very first visit I found relief. After subsequent visits, I no longer needed MD's nor their pain killing and, sometimes, addictive drugs drugs which altered my behavior and led to a life unwanted. John got me on a plan of recovery through holistic healing, and, with minimum amounts of chiropractic care, I find myself in better shape now that I was 20 years ago. I strongly recommend Dr. John Sellar to those unable to find relief with traditional medical practitioners. Free yourself from their grasp of constant visits, lab tests, prescriptions and bills and enjoy the offer of pain reduction and/or elimination, no medications, no lab tests, and no surprise billings. Freedom and Relief can be found under the care of Dr. Sellar. Do yourself a favor and give him a try. I believe you will be surprised." George B. April 2016

“I have been dealing with planter fasciitis since June 2014 and after two cortisone shots to the heal, an air cast for 6 weeks and professional orthotics for my shoes AND over $1,000.00 in bills nothing has helped. I came to the realization is this is my life and deal with it. Now not only does my foot kill I now have lower back pain and my hips hurt from not walking properly. I went to see Dr. Sellar. What a guy; he wasn't selling me chiropractic he was listening to me and my concerns. My first appointment my foot was pain free and I could walk right away. I didn't have to get up out of a chair, stand for a moment, then shuffle my foot. I actually got up and started walking! My spine needs some TLC but Dr. Sellar will help me. I have the utmost respect and belief for this man. Thank you for putting a smile back on my face again.” Jane L. May 2015

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“Recently, while seated in Dr. Sellar's waiting room, I noticed a young woman who was obviously in pain. Nothing unusual in that I thought, as many people in a chiropractor's waiting room are in pain. When she was called to see Dr. Sellar she could hardly stand and required assistance just to get on her feet. She walked like a frail old woman and held on to the arm of her companion for support. A few minutes later, following her adjustment, she returned to the waiting room to check out. The change in her entire demeanor was nothing short of miraculous: she walked in under her own power with a big smile on her face! The relief from pain was noticeable and was remarked upon by several other patients. I have been a chiropractic patient for many years and thought that I had seen it all, but the change one adjustment made in this person's life is nothing short of a miracle.” Bill J., August 1, 2013

 “My first contact with chiropractic treatment was about 15 years ago when I was having a lot of pain walking. I was willing to try chiropractic because the pain was so intense. I went to four chiropractors before I met Dr. Sellar. The previous ones gave me temporary, limited relief. When I saw Dr. Sellar he told me the problem with my walking came from my neck! That was a shock, as that was NOT what the other chiropractors were adjusting. I have been going to Dr. Sellar for more than ten years now. I have since had only one more episode with difficulty in walking, which is utterly amazing to me. During one appointment with Dr. Sellar I happened to mention that I had a sinus infection starting and he said he would fix it. I laughed to myself, thinking, "yeah right", but to my shock, he was right. I have had a lifetime and family history of sinus infections and since having him treat me regularly I do not use up all my sick time by February every year with sinus infections! I seldom get them anymore. During another visit I told him I had a headache; he said he could fix that, and again I thought, "yeah right", but once again, he was right! He made it go away! One year at Thanksgiving I was unable to sleep and could not stand up straight. Something had happened to my back and I had no idea what was going on. I was thinking that I had permanently hurt myself this time. I contacted Dr. Sellar and he met me at his office on his day off. He told me that I needed to go to Urgent Care and get prescriptions. While I was recuperating at home, he called to check in on me because he was concerned about me. Never in my life have I had a doctor call me at home out of concern for my health and well being! One of the most impressive benefits for seeing Dr. Sellar is that he reads your body correctly and knows what is wrong. I don't have to be able to articulate to him what is going on--he can tell by the way I walk into his office. That, in itself, is a relief. So all in all, he has helped me with leg pain, sinus infections, headaches and then when I was in real trouble he was there for me still! You can't get better care than this!” Cheryl C., April 5, 2012

“Dr. Sellar is by far the best chiropractor I have ever seen! He is smart, personable, and best of all, effective. Aside from being probably the most knowledgeable chiropractor I know, he also has the most natural feel. I have had a couple serious injuries, and he has been the only person able to alleviate my pain. My range of motion is increased, my sinuses are cleared, my pain is gone. If you are looking for just a basic adjustment or something more complicated, this is definitely the chiropractor to see. Dr. Sellar is the most skilled, professional, and knowledgeable physician I've ever had the good fortune to visit. His thorough knowledge of the human body, personable demeanor and the precision with which he manipulates joints is uncanny. I highly recommend Dr. Sellar to anyone seeking a chiropractor. His rock- solid integrity and devotion to the well-being of his clients exceeds all standards and expectations. I've always been a proponent of more natural approaches to body wellness. Dr. Sellar was recommended to me by mutual acquaintances when I began experiencing back pain back in 2000. His philosophy and approach to whole body wellness aligned well with my own beliefs. He has helped me not only with neck and back pain but also with plantar fasciitis and general health. He is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and professional. I have complete trust in Dr. Sellar and his abilities, and highly recommend him to anyone needing ongoing care and adjustments, or on an as-needed basis. He's not one of those chiropractors who sees you once and tells you that you need 6 months of visits just to make a buck or milk your insurance company. He will assess your progress as treatments continue and chiropractic does its thing. He won't tell you that you need a treatment you don't need. His office will work with you to schedule your appointment at your convenience. It's not a wonder he has been voted "Concord's Best Chiropractor" five years in a row! Thank you, Dr. Sellar!"

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 I've been going to Chiropractors since I was an infant. At 6 months when I'd have a fever, my dad would bring me in , and within 2 hours the fever would be down. I have always gone at least a few times a year to 'get my legs lined up', and whenever I take a fall. Been seeing Dr. John since 01-10-01 and by far Dr. Sellar is the best neck man I've ever gone to (in 45 years). After 18 years of migraines, after his treatments and some massage I've been free of migraines for 7 years:). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SKILLED TECHNIQUES OF ADJUSTING. He has EXPERIENCE you can TRUST!” “I could not have achieved my weight-lifting success without Dr. Sellar. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments enables me to compete in world-class events. He's the best!” Dave Stevens - Concord, NH. World Record for Dead Lift and Squat - 600 lbs. - 50 Year-old Master's Class “I'm taking a second moment to say, Dr. Sellar is great. I now live out of state, but I make an appointment whenever I visit my parents. I'm taking the time to write a second time because I know how difficult it is to find a chiropractor. I don't personally like to try someone without a recommendation. So, point is, he's terrific.” Corey S., July 6, 2011

“I began seeing Dr. Sellar for TMJ issues several years ago upon recommendation from my family. Since then, he has been working seamlessly with my dentist not only to alleviate the pain but to give my body the care it needs to function naturally at its best. My TMJ and overall health have significantly improved since I started chiropractic. My immune system is strong, headaches are a thing of the past, and I just feel good.” Back to Top “Perhaps some of the best things I can say about Dr. Sellar are that he is professional, highly knowledgeable in his field, and does his work with genuine compassion. I once came into his office in a great deal of pain, and after the adjustment I became tearful as a direct response to the experience of being cared for. Most of us are accustomed to going to a doctor for help and receiving a prescription. Chiropractic, and especially Dr. Sellar's approach, lends for a more natural, intimate healing. How often are we healed with the gentleness of someone's hands? I have witnessed the positive results of what Dr. Sellar has done for me, for my family, and for the many people who walk out of his office looking so much more vibrant than when they walked in. His office has always gone above and beyond to accommodate last minute appointments, and it's clear that the top priority is patient care. I wholeheartedly trust Dr. Sellar's work and recommend him to anyone who is considering chiropractic.” S.R., March 1, 2011

 “I've been going to chiropractors since I was an infant. At 6 months when I'd have a fever, my dad would bring me in , and within 2 hours the fever would be down. I have always gone at least a few times a year to 'get my legs lined up', and whenever I take a fall. Been seeing Dr. John since 01-10-01 and by far Dr. Sellar is the best neck man I've ever gone to (in 45 years). After 18 years of migraines, after his treatments and some massage I've been free of migraines for 7 years:). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SKILLED TECHNIQUES OF ADJUSTING. He has EXPERIENCE you can TRUST!” Back to Top “Dr. Sellar is so amazing. I threw my back out just days before my wedding. I was in tears, worried I would not be able to dance at my wedding. I called John, he took me right in and after a couple short visits I danced the night away. I even made it on my flight to and from Hawaii enjoying hikes, dinners and dancing the entire time. He is affordable and works magic. Thank you John for making sure my wedding day really could be a dream come true.” “Dr. Sellar is BY FAR the best chiropractor in New Hampshire. His knowledge and ability knows no bounds. He is sensitive, warm, friendly, always pleasant, and his patients come first. He cares more about the patients wellbeing than any other doctor I've known. When I asked about his education, he told me everything I wanted and needed to hear. I have and will to continue to recommend him to anyone I can tell is in pain (back or otherwise). Kudos to Dr. John Sellar!” “Excellent Results: I was skeptical that seeing a chiropractor would help me deal with my back and neck pain. The pain was the result of an injury over 5 years earlier, and I had almost gotten used to the constant dull ache that came as a result. John Sellar is friendly and upbeat and extremely competent in what he does. My back felt great, and he lets you make appointments when you want, whereas some places tend to try and make you come in every week.”

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 “Very pleasant Doctor and staff. Gentle and quick and painless. Great results. Convenient location. Highly recommend this clinic for all your chiropractic needs.” Patricia P. "I have been going to a chiropractor since I was very young and as a body worker am very particular about who works on my neck. At age 15 my face smashed the windshield in a car accident and am very cautious with my neck . Dr. Sellar's is one of those rare gems that has studied and mentored under some great chiropractors, MASTERING his skills. I know many doctors and professionals that don't go the extra mile. All around the best chiropractor for difficult cases and new patients with Experience you can TRUST.”

“John Sellar has helped me tremendously with my back pain and other issues!! I highly recommend Dr. Sellar!! His compassion and understanding makes the chiropractic experience a wonderful one!! Tell everyone you can that Dr. John Sellar runs an excellent practice! He is devoted to making his patients happy and succeeds and then some. I go for general maintenance now!! One of a kind practice!” “I had never been to a chiropractor before so I was very nervous. John Sellar is a great person who relaxes you by just being nice. He asks questions about were it hurts or if you have had other problems in your medical history. He did an x ray of my neck and quickly found out that I was not where I should be on the scale of neck curves. After two visits being snapped and moved around I feel so much better. I'll admit I was scared to death but I would/will go back to John Sellar if I ever did not feel right in the neck or back.” “Unbelievable! I went to see Dr. Sellar on a recommendation from one of my coaches. I had a big event coming up and was having issues with my neck and back. John was very pleasant and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me and the adjustments were perfect. I felt better than I had in years. I had been to other doctors before but none were as effective as Dr. Sellar. I will never go anywhere else. He is amazing and I recommend him to everyone!” Dan “Best neck doc there is!” “Without Dr. Sellar's help, I could not have achieved my goals in a recent power lifting meet. I continue to rely on his vast knowledge and skills as a chiropractor to ensure that I am at my best. I highly recommend Dr. Sellar to everyone that I know, from the stay-at-home mom with migraines to the athlete who competes. He is the best!” Carolyn R. -World Record for Dead Lift- 350 lbs.

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